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3D TVs

3D TVs really are a technological evolution in changing the way you enjoy watching entertainment on your television. By using 2 images and overlaying them on your 3D TV screen, this makes the picture appear to have real depth, allowing the movie to focus in on different parts of the picture. To experience this 3D effect, you will need to use 3D glasses which are compatible with your TV.

Certain scenes of your favourite movies will literally jump out at you, especially those movies which were made in 3D. Some 3D TV sets will allow you to convert a 2D image into a 3D image which means you can enjoy watching any entertainment converted into 3D.

Some 3D TVs also allow you to alter the depth of the 3D effect from minimal to extreme 3D settings by increasing or decreasing the difference in alignment between the 2 images overlaid on your TV screen. Thus allowing you to control how extreme the 3D effect will be.