There are enough TVs on the market to make anyone's head spin, and sometimes all anyone needs is just a regular TV. The go to, most affordable options for TVs are LED TVs, which feature an LCD display that is backlit by LEDs (light emitting diodes). The LEDs can be arranged in an edge lit or full array fashion. In edge lit displays, LEDs are arranged along the edge of the display and channelled inward via guides. In a full array display, the LEDs are arranged behind the LCD display in even intervals.

LED TVs can do some pretty neat things by controlling the light levels of specific LEDs in a certain area. This makes it possible to dim the areas and give impressive contrast ratios. While in the old days, CRT TVs were the standard option, nowadays they've been almost entirely replaced by LED TVs. They can be small enough to fit on a desktop, or big enough to cover an entire section of a wall.

Many of these TVs have wireless components built in, making it possible to connect to the Internet and access a number of streaming services. Watching a movie or TV show is as simple as pressing a button.

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