Quantum Dot technology or QLED TVs have become quite popular on the market in this day and age. That is due to the many advantages offered by these TVs compared to the latest OLED TVs.

OLEDs are popular for their deep blacks and impressive contrast. But QLEDs have come closer to achieving the same effects with many other advantages. That is why QLED televisions are so popular today. Here is why you should invest in a QLED television set instead of an OLED set.

The astonishing colour accuracy of the QLED TV is one of the main advantages of the technology. In fact, QLED is quite similar to LED TV technology where the colour is distributed with the use of LED light and RGB particles. But things have drastically changed due to the inclusion of Quantum Dot particles. When the light hits the quantum dot semiconductor particles of the QLED TV, they will emit an accurate red, blue, and green colours on the screen. In fact, the colour is determined by the size of the quantum dots. On the other hand, a QLED TV can get insanely bright compared to an OLED TV.