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A ULED TV is quite different from an OLED TV. A ULED TV uses a type of LCD technology along with a backlit proprietary quantum dot technology. What this terminology means is that a quantum dot display technology is being used so as to make up for any shortcomings of LCD. There is only one major player that is currently using this format. This company has shown that they can produce a terrific TV for 1/2 the price of their competitors. They can do this without any sacrifice of picture quality.

It should be noted that ULED technology enhances both the color and the contrast. This is accomplished with the help of Ultra Dimming technology. This type of technology divides visuals into various areas of the panel. Depending on which model you choose, this division can create up to 240 zones that are totally independent. You will also receive HDR, or High Dynamic Range, which will improve the quality of detail when watching darker scenes. HDR helps this type of TV to be superior, in terms of brightness, than any of its competitors.

ULED TVs also incorporate SMR technology. SMR technology means that the TV has an ultra smooth motion rate. This is a great feature for watching sporting events as it inserts and creates frames into the picture which produces a smoother transition.