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ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Soundbar TV Speaker With Hearing Aid Technology - 30-Day Home Trial

ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Soundbar TV Speaker With Hearing Aid Technology - 30-Day Home Trial
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Manufacturer Description

Can't hear voices on TV? We can fix that! The AccuVoice sound bar uses hearing aid technology to reproduce TV dialogue with incredible clarity - even at very low volumes. AccuVoice technology separates voices from the rest of the soundtrack and lifts them out so you hear every word. Only 43.2 cm wide and about 7.4 cm high, the aluminum speaker fits anywhere. With only one connecting cord, it's easy to hook up. And it uses virtual surround to create realistic, room-filling, home theater sound. But the magic is in ZVOX's patented AccuVoice technology. The advanced digital processor analyzes a soundtrack, and when it detects dialogue it instantly activates computer algorithms that bring the voices forward. You hear crystal-clear dialogue, even at low volumes. It is almost magical. The AccuVoice Soundbar uses three very high quality full-range speakers in a computer-designed aluminum cabinet. Aluminum allows the speaker to be very small but still acoustically powerful - because the metal is strong and has very low resonance. The center speaker is crucial to the performance of the AccuVoice speaker, delivering super-clear voice reproduction. It anchors the sound's location so everyone in the room hears the same balanced, natural sound. The AccuVoice TV speaker is not just for hearing-challenged - everybody, no matter how old they are, will benefit from its technology and sound quality.

Product Features

Uses built-in hearing aid technology for clear voices, even at low volumes. Compact aluminum cabinet delivers room-filling home theater sound. Setup is simple. One connecting cord...and a one-page manual. Use ZVOX remote...or your current TV/Cable remote. Patented AccuVoice technology delivers state-of-the-art voice clarity.